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The content of the DVD starts with showing how graceful and beautiful Alla expresses herself in the art of belly dance. Her flawless moves make the art form seem is graceful and powerful, but look as natural as a stream of water moving down a river.

The purpose of the DVD is to break down some of these individual movements to show how simple each is on its own, but when combined it becomes a beautiful story. The beginner or intermediate will soon start expressing themselves in this century old art form and with just a little practice they will also develop a purifying of the soul. After a session of dance you will walk out feeling free of anxiety and a quite calm will be present. The art form of belly dance overlaps in may areas of Yoga. Both can be physically demanding and spiritually enlightening.
Posture , symmetry bellydance secrets . Belly Dance is a beautiful art form and very physical dance . Is a cardiovascular and muscle resistant dance style .

We would hope you will join Alla on this journey and express one of the purist and most beautiful art forms in the world ~ belly dance ~

This is Download edition of Alla Kushnir Belly Dance Secrets DVD, after purchase you will download a compressed file (.rar) which contains 2 video files, one HD file for computers and tablets and one file for mobiles.

Also included Alla Kushnir Oriental Choreography Video

You will need Winrar to uncompress the file, download it here for free. If you don’t know how to uncompress a file, contact us (info@thebellydancers.tv) before purchase.
Due to nature of the product, no refund will be made after purchase

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